The Wonder Wall is a virtual bulletin board for Camp. Campers can post their photos, videos, and thoughts about their Camp activities. Visitors can stop by to check out what’s going on around the Milky Way Campgrounds.

Welcome Camper-nauts!

Are you ready to liftoff into our galaxy of Wonder and fun? We’re excited to have you aboard Camp Wonderopolis™, NCFL’s free online summer-learning spacecraft. During your Mission to Wonder, you’ll earn Wonder Cards®, get hands-on with cool experiments, and put science to the test! The Camp dashboard will track the Wonders you’ve explored, and tell you where to moonwalk next. Share your experiences and see what others are doing on the Wonder Wall. Have fun discovering all the areas of Camp Wonderopolis!

Check out the afterglow of last summer’s Camp Wonderopolis

Wonder Coliseum

Like an astronaut hitting a golf ball off the moon, these Wonders are all about Fun and Games!

Wonder First Aid Station

Seeing stars? Find your center of gravity with these Health and Wellness Wonders!

Wonder Launch Pad

We’re light years past the days of horse and buggies. See if you can go the distance with these Transportation Wonders!

Wonder Snack Bar

Is it launch time yet? These Wonders about Food will have you craving a taste of the final frontier.

Wonder Tech Workshop

Good things come to those who tinker. Roll up your sleeves and have fun with these Wonders all about Technology and Innovation!

Wonder Weather Station

Covering everything under the sun, these Wonders about Weather and the Environment are sure to be a force of nature!