Welcome to Wonder Coliseum!

Well, hello there, Camper! There’s plenty to toss around and catch in this area of Camp! Ever WONDERed why golf balls have dimples and bowling shoes are so darn slippery? You’ve come to the right place!

Why do we play games? As a human race, we've been playing games since the beginning of our time here on earth. We'd bet even dinosaurs made up games for fun! But, why do we play games?

Games distract us from everyday life, and some help expand our minds. Most importantly, games are fun (to watch and to play)! There are card games, board games, sports games, recess games, video games, you name it. Let's dig a little deeper into some of our most favorite pastimes in the Wonder Coliseum!

Maker Activity

Think you have to be outside to play golf? Not so! Create an indoor mini golf course full of obstacles with this activity!


Hands on!

  • Golf clubs (or spatula)
  • Golf ball (or rubber ball)
  • Painting or masking tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Shoe box
  • Oatmeal box (cylindrical)
  • Books
  • Chair
  • Coffee can

Use a coffee can as the hole and build the following obstacles to be placed randomly in front of the can:

Pipe: roll a piece of paper, tape it to keep it rolled, and tape it to the floor.

House: turn a shoe box upside down and cut out an entrance from one end, and the exit from the other end.

Tunnel: cut off the bottom of an oatmeal box and remove the lid

Straight fairway: create a path with parallel rows of books

Wonderuptions: What obstacles are the hardest to clear? How many swipes does it take to get your ball in the hole?

Why does that happen?

Physics plays an important role in swinging the golf club. Two important components are swinging speed and having a loose grip. It's important to have good swinging speed to hit the ball hard enough for the appropriate distance. Having a loose grip on your club allows your wrists to rotate during the swing, which results in the golf club being able to straighten out, in return increasing the speed of your swing.

Preschool - Age 8

Ages 14 and up