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There's more to cooking than just combining foods to eat -- it's an artform! Chefs strive to not only prepare delicious meals, but also meals that look and smell delicious too!

Why Do You Get Ice Cream Headaches? Can You Really Cook an Egg On the Sidewalk? Our bellies are grumbling to find out, so pull up a seat at the Wonder Snack Bar and dig in!

Maker Activity

Is food just for eating? Maybe not! Here's how to create artful animals...and a healthy snack! Bon Appetit!


Hands on!

  • Banana
  • Blueberries
  • Green apple
  • Green grapes
  • Kiwi
  • Chocolate chips
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Paper cup
  • Black marker
  • Knife (be sure to have an adult handle this!)

To make a dolphin, grab a paper cup, some blueberries, a banana, a goldfish cracker, and a black marker. Slice the banana so that it can stand in the paper cup with the stem of the banana facing out. Slice the stem of the banana to create a mouth for the dolphin. Drop in the blueberries around the banana to create the water. Draw eyes on the banana using the black marker and place a goldfish cracker in the mouth of the dolphin.

Make a sea turtle by grabbing a kiwi, grapes, and chocolate chips. Slice the kiwi to create the oval body of the turtle. Slice two grapes lengthwise to create the turtle's flippers. Place two grape slices near one end of the kiwi and two slices near the other end. Use a whole grape for its head. Place two chocolate chips on top of its head to create its eyes.

Finally, create an octopus using an apple, several grapes (about 12), and several chocolate chips (about 8). Slice the apple in half to create the body of the octopus. Slice several grapes and place the grapes end-to-end in several lines around the octopus to create its tentacles. Place two chocolate chips on the apple for eyes and create a smile with 5 or 6 chocolate chips.

Wonderuptions: Are there other animals you can make from fruit? Which fruits work best for which animals?

Why does that happen?

Throughout history, people have greatly enjoyed creating artful food. People who dedicate their time to turning edibles into visuals are often called food artists. You may have seen photographs of their works of edible art posted on a variety of websites and social media outlets. To learn more about how food can be made into art, check out Wonder of the Day #894 Can Food Be Art? on www.wonderopolis.org!