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Welcome to the area of Camp Wonderopolis dedicated to WONDERing about the latest and greatest technology! We’ve been dabbling around in here and think you’ll really enjoy what’s new in the Wonder Tech Workshop!

The field of technology is vast and broad! People are needed to work in the areas of robotics, engineering, and mechanics to create not only the phones and computers we use each day, but also help movies come to life on the big screen, help companies use less energy, and make assistive technology for people who are blind or deaf.

Learn how green screens work, what gadgets spies use, and way more over at the Wonder Tech Workshop!

Maker Activity

Practice your skills as an electrician with this activity! Have fun creating a circuit to light a bulb using a few common household items!


Hands on!

  • 1-2 D batteries
  • Aluminum foil
  • Electrical tape
  • A light bulb from a flashlight

Cut the foil into two long, narrow strips of 12" x 2". Fold the foil strips lengthwise to make them even more narrow, about a half-inch wide. Press them to flatten.

Attach the foil to the center of the light bulb with tape, being careful not to let the foil touch the bottom of the light bulb. Tape the negative side of the battery to the other end of the same foil strip, making sure the foil covers the center of the battery end. Tape the other foil strip to the center of positive end of the battery.

Place the lightbulb near the free end of the second foil strip, trying not to touch either foil strip.

Wonderuption: What happens when you place the light bulb on the foil?

Why does that happen?

The foil acts as a conductor, allowing the power from the battery to reach the light bulb.

Preschool - Age 8

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