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It’s a beautiful day at the Wonder Weather Station, but clouds are rolling in that may bring us showers! Better bring your umbrella and rain boots because we’ve got lots of weather WONDERing ahead!

Weather describes the state of the atmosphere above us, whether it's sunny and warm, cloudy and cool, or rainy and humid. WONDERing if you should bring a jacket with you for a picnic later? Or maybe an umbrella? Check with your local meteorologist on the news! Meteorologists study the processes of the atmosphere, particularly to forecast, or predict, the weather.

What is the Jet Stream and where does fog come from? Find the answers to these Wonders and more at the Wonder Weather Station!

Maker Activity

Ever wonder how clouds form? Dive into the following Maker Activity to learn how clouds form and to make one of your very own!


Hands on!

  • Clear glass jar with a lid
  • Mug or other microwaveable glass
  • Ice cubes
  • Hot water (be sure to have an adult handle this!)
  • Aerosol spray like hairspray

Microwave about 4 ounces of water and pour into a clear glass jar. Warm the sides of the jar by swirling the water around.

Place the lid upside-down on the jar and put a couple ice cubes on top of the lid. Wait 30 seconds.

Remove the ice cubes, lift the lid, and give a quick aerosol spray into the jar. Close the lid quickly. Watch what happens!

Wonderuptions: What happens when you spray into the jar and close the lid? Why do you think the ice cubes needed to be on the outside of the jar?

Why does that happen?

Clouds form when moist, warm air cools and the moisture in the air condenses and settles on dust, dirt, and other tiny air particles. In this experiment, the hairspray acted as tiny air particles.

Ages 14 and up